Nomination Guidelines

Students who participate in Ambassador Leadership Programs have unique opportunities to enhance their education, develop their leadership skills, and prepare for college and careers in a global society. Nomination by a respected educator is the key to identifying talented and motivated students, and giving them the chance to expand their potential and reap advantages for academic success.

To facilitate the nomination process, we would like to provide the following guidelines for nominating students. 

Please nominate students in 5th through 12th grade (ages 10 through 18) who demonstrate outstanding scholastic merit, leadership potential, and exemplary citizenship. Please consider each student’s overall aptitude for academic achievement, their ability to take initiative and make decisions that can affect positive change, as well as their continued growth and progress within their grade level.

When nominating students, we ask that you:

Follow any applicable federal and state laws, as well as local district policies and guidelines, concerning disclosure of student information.

If your district or school policy restricts or precludes your ability to nominate students without prior notice, consult with your administration to determine if nomination may be possible when you:

  • Obtain parents’ or guardians’ prior consent to nominate their child for participation in our program (the following Letter to Nominated Students' Families may be used for this purpose).

  • Announce the opportunity to all students via a school newsletter or other means.

  • Request that invitation packets are sent directly to you, so you can personally deliver them to your nominees’ parents or guardians without sharing student information.

  • Allow Ambassador Leaders admissions representatives to present the opportunities and benefits of Ambassador Leadership Programs to your school or district administrators.

If you have questions about the nomination process, please contact us at 509.396.5551, or email us at

Thank you for providing your students the opportunity to gain this life-changing experience through your nominations.