Our Philosophy

Success in the 21st century demands innovation, critical thinking, collaboration and global competence. We believe that the best way to help students build these skills is through experiential learning. At the Ambassador Leadership Summits, together with outstanding educators and our partners worldwide, we create an environment for motivated students from around the world to discover their strengths, expand their perspectives, and build confidence and critical skills that set them up for success in college and future careers in a global setting. 


Our story

A word from Natasha Porter, Founder & CEO

Welcome to Ambassador Leaders! We are a team of educators, business leaders, parents and grandparents, who believe in global education and who are passionate about helping our youth to discover their talents and learn how to lead with confidence and integrity in our multi-cultural, fast-paced, competitive world.

Natasha with her granddaughter in Washington, DC.

Natasha with her granddaughter in Washington, DC.

As a teacher of English working in the former Soviet Union and facilitating student exchanges early in my career, I saw firsthand the growth that happens when you bring together smart, curious students and their peers from around the world, and create a safe and fun place for them to learn together. Years later, I joined a leading student travel organization and was fortunate to lead its student leadership programs, and the amazing team of staff and teachers who were the heart and soul of the program. It’s this same talented team that’s now taking Ambassador Leaders forward as an independent company, focused solely and passionately on developing a future generation of global leaders.

So why Ambassador Leaders? Not only is it a nod to our beginnings, it also rings true to the type of leaders we believe are needed today, more than ever. An Ambassador Leader is someone who acts with integrity, who creates a culture of openness, and who forges relationships built on mutual trust and respect, no matter what culture or background people are from. These are the values we strive to live by and instill in our students.

Thank you for trusting us with your children. I invite you to join us on this journey. If you are a parent, educator, student or anyone who shares the same passion, we want to hear from you! Together, we will make a difference.


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