What our alumni say about their experience

Over the past decade, over 50,000 students from 140 countries have come to experience the Ambassador Leaders difference. We are proud that we got to play a role in launching them toward success. Hear from our alumni and their families what they valued the most about their experience and the impact it had. After all, what better way to find out what you can expect from your summit than to hear from students and families just like yours.

It will help me be independent because it is showing me how to interact with people.
— Liam G., Ambassador Leader, California
Just this week alone I have learned much more than you can learn in a whole year of school.
— Kyle S., Ambassador Leader, Illinois
It’s changed how I look at myself. My self-esteem is up. I’ve never felt so comfortable in my life.
— Karina T., Ambassador Leader, Arizona
I would tell my friends about how much I learned and the people I met, and how much this will help me later on in life.
— Reina S., Ambassador Leader, New York
All expectations I had of the people, the surroundings & staff have been blown. I’ve definitely made lifelong friends.
— Christopher D., Northern Ireland
I enjoyed the diversity. There were students from several different countries and I think that’s helpful and important.
— Joylette S., Alumni Parent, New York

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