6 Archetypes of Today's Young Leaders

Why we need to embrace different approaches to leadership.


We came across this fantastic TedxTeen video and had to share with our Ambassador Leaders family – but especially with our amazing teacher leaders. Speaker Jennifer Corriero works with teens across the globe and shares insights on the doers, movers and shakers of this young demographic. She dives into the specific archetypes of these student leaders and how to best nurture their strengths, ideas and actions.

The 6 different archetypes Jennifer identifies for today’s young leaders are:

  • The Dreamer
  • The Megaphone
  • The Sparkplug
  • The Taskmasters
  • The Sherpa
  • The Storyteller

Watch this video for more info on each of these archetypes – I’m sure you’ll be able to think of a student or two you know who fits each profile. The real meat of this video starts around 8:30 in case you want to skip ahead (we know you’re already probably multi-tasking right now). But this talk is worth a look - it's a vital reminder of how we can best serve our youth to lead confidently and courageously into the future.

By Lindsey Suda

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