#FundFriday: Host a benefit concert

Who said fundraising can't be fun?


This is the perfect time of year to kick-off your fundraising efforts with a bang. For much of the country, this is likely the final month of the year you'll be able to host an outdoor event, and a benefit concert is a fantastic and fun way to raise money for your Summit. 

Get Started

First, you'll need to brainstorm. What exactly do you want this concert to be like? Will you play an instrument? Are you planning to sing? Do you have the equipment needed to put on a show? Do you have siblings or friends who would want to perform with you?

If you don't have the musical gene - not to worry! A great option would be to reach out to local bands who would be interested in donating their time and talents to perform instead.

You'll want to keep your start-up costs as low as possible to maximize your profit so when searching for a location, reach out to your city's Parks Department to find out if you can host the show at a local park. You can also check out community centers, your school, or if you have relatives/friends with large yards, they may be willing to host as well.

I recommend charging a set amount per person to attend the show. You can increase or decrease this amount depending on what your event includes. If you choose to provide a meal, refreshments, and you're renting a facility to use, then the amount you charge should increase to help cover your investment. 

Get the Word Out

As I've mentioned in most of my #FundFriday posts, social media is your best friend when it comes to advertising your event. Create a simple flier with all of the important details for the show and share it all over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can even make a Facebook event and share it on your local Facebook community events pages. Don't forget to get your friends and family to share the event on their social media channels too - they're some of your best cheerleaders.


It's ShowTime!

You've got all the details set at this point and it's finally time for your big show. When your guests arrive, make sure to have someone at the front to greet them and collect the entry fees. Start off with a song or two then take a moment to tell your guests in more detail about what the concert is raising funds for. Explain what the Summit is, where you'll be spending a week, and how this opportunity will benefit you as you look toward college. Hearing about what an incredible experience you will have this summer may inspire some to donate more, so point out that they are welcome to make additional donations too.

Say Thanks

At the end of the night, give a heartfelt thank you to your guests for coming and supporting your goals. Have enough copies of this sponsor flyer printed and ready to pass out to guests. It's always a good idea to have something tangible for them to leave with. It will also act as a good reminder for them in case they want to donate more in the coming months!


Are you a superstar fundraiser? Email your ideas to info@ambassadorleaders.com. You could be featured in our Toolkit!

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By Emily Hanson

Emily is the Program Coordinator at Ambassador Leaders. When you call or email us, you'll likely speak with Emily. She loves helping families find the perfect program for their student and hearing how confident and motivated they are when they return home.