#FundFriday: Adopt-A-Mile

Fund your summit one mile at a time.

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This #FundFriday, we’ve come up with an idea that’ll go the distance! If you have ever participated in a jog-a-thon at school, the format of this fundraiser will be familiar to you. It allows friends, family, neighbors, and others to sponsor one (or several!) of the miles between your hometown and your Summit location.


Before you can successfully launch this fundraiser, you have to know how much you’re asking each person to contribute by sponsoring a mile. The first step is to find the number of miles between your home and the Summit you plan to attend. Google Maps or a similar online map service will make quick work of this. Next you will need to know the tuition amount of your Summit experience. Now, time for a little math! Divide the tuition amount by the number of miles from your home to the campus you’ll visit this summer. The total is the cost per mile!


I live in Spokane, WA and want to attend the Leadership in Action Summit at Harvard University. The distance from Spokane to Boston is 2,827 miles. The cost of the Summit at Harvard is $3,195. If I divide $3,195 by 2,827, I get $1.13. This is the cost for each mile I will travel to reach my Summit.

Once you’ve calculated your own cost per mile, you can talk to everyone you know about sponsoring one or more miles to help you get to Summit. We’ve created a pledge sheet you can print and use to track your sponsors’ contributions.

This fundraiser works best for students who live 500 or more miles away from the Summit they plan to attend. That way, each mile costs six dollars or less, allowing people to sponsor multiple miles. Be sure to thank your sponsors for their generosity, and share your journey with them through pictures and videos once you’re at the Summit.

Are you a superstar fundraiser? Email your ideas to info@ambassadorleaders.com. You could be featured in our Toolkit!

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By Kathy Mellstrom

Kathy is the Program Director and Co-Founder of Ambassador Leaders and has been involved with the program for over 10 years. As a mom of three children, she is personally invested in helping students realize their true potential.