#FundFriday: Collect Change. Create Change.

Ask friends and family for change and fundraise your summit.


So you’ve enrolled in your summit and you’re looking to start your first fundraiser. We have just the idea for you. We’re calling it Collect Change/Create Change. This fundraiser allows your friends and family to contribute significantly to your summit tuition simply by collecting their loose change and donating it to you. It’s easy, fun, and best of all, effective.


If your family is anything like mine, there’s at least one bottle or tray in your home full of coins that have been cleaned out of pockets and couch cushions. This fundraiser puts that change to good use. Here’s how! For friends and family who already have coin bottles, ask if you can decorate their existing bottles and use the contents to fund your summit. For friends and family who don’t have coin bottles, collect, clean, decorate, and distribute a 20 oz. bottle to each of them.

We’ve put together a label you can use to begin your decorations. Print color copies to cut out and tape to the bottles you’ve collected. Add additional decorations by gluing on sequins or drawing designs in permanent marker. Use your imagination to make each bottle special.

As you hand out your decorated coin bottles (or decorate existing coin bottles), prepare a small speech to share with the people helping you out. Let them know about the Ambassador Leadership Summit and why you’re excited to attend. People are more likely to participate in a fundraiser when they know why it matters to you.

That’s it! With some effort and creativity from you, and some loose coins from your friends and family, you can launch your first fundraiser. We know it’s hard to believe, but a 20 oz. bottle filled with dimes holds approximately $100. Imagine if you handed out 30 bottles to friends and family and they filled them up. Your entire tuition would be covered! This gives everyone in your life a change to contribute to your summit, a dime at a time.

Are you a superstar fundraiser? Email your ideas to info@ambassadorleaders.com. You could be featured in our Toolkit!


By Corie Bales

Corie is the Academic Affairs Manager of Ambassador Leaders. As a lifelong educator and avid traveler, she believes in empowering students and teachers to learn and lead through experiential education.