#FundFriday: 50/50 Raffle

Spring forward to your fundraising goal with a 50/50 raffle.

This is a very popular fundraising idea for many organizations, schools, and groups because it’s so simple! It’s quick to set up, affordable so everyone can contribute, and it’s a fundraiser where the donors could actually win some cash too.

The objective of a 50/50 Raffle is to sell tickets for a set price (we recommend $2 or $5 each). Then you’ll hold a drawing for a ticket holder who will win half of the donations! The other half of the donations will go toward your tuition.


Rolls of raffle tickets can be purchased at stores like Dollar Tree, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart, in the school supply section, or you can order them online. Carry around your tickets and a pen so you’ll be ready to sell them any time.


Determine the amount of time you’d like to sell tickets so you can tell donors when to expect the drawing. We recommend about a month.

Be sure to tell friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers, what the raffle proceeds will go to. Let them know they can purchase as many tickets as they would like – the more tickets they buy, the higher the chance of winning the prize! 

Have them write their name and phone number on their tickets so you can keep track. Keep the 2nd half of the tickets (with their name and phone number), and the cash you’ve collected in a safe place.

TIP: You can combine your raffle with another fundraising event. Sell the tickets before and during the event, then announce the winner at the event. Or, create a social media campaign to let people know about the raffle. The more people know, the more successful your fundraising will be.

and the winner is... 

On the day of the raffle, pick a winning ticket. Count the cash you collected, divide it in half, and announce the winner and how much they’ve won. For example, if you collect $500 in cash, the winner will get $250 and you will get $250 toward your tuition. It's that easy!


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By Emily Hanson

Emily is the Program Coordinator at Ambassador Leaders. When you call or email us, you'll likely speak with Emily. She loves helping families find the perfect program for their student and hearing how confident and motivated they return home.