Alumni Insights: From Summit to School

One alum’s advice for using leadership skills from the Summit to maximize the school year.


Summer and your Summit have ended and the new school year has begun. You, me, and our teacher leaders alike have started what’s sure to be an amazing school year. As an alumnus myself, I found that practicing the skills I learned as an Ambassador Leader helped me overcome my greatest fears in school and reach new heights.

As you return to class, you can do the same by incorporating the skills you learned during your Summit. Check out my tips to guide you.

Set a goal to learn something new every day, and by the end of the year, see how far you’ve come!
  1. Challenge yourself! As you saw on your Ambassador Leaders Summit, you were able to reach heights you thought were unreachable. So, why stop there? This school year, use that ability to try new things. Join (or start!) a club, try out for a sport, and push yourself academically! As you dare to be a leader in new ways, believe me, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world!

  2. Meet new people! I’m sure that by the third day of the Summit you and your group mates were already inseparable, and by the Summit’s end, you were practically family! Use that ability to open yourself up to new people at school. Sit with different classmates during lunch or socialize with new people in and out of class. Make the most of it! It’s great to have long-standing friendships, but it’s important to realize that the world isn’t constrained to just one friend or group, but in fact offers many!

  3. Learn new things! Of course, that is the point of school, after all. Leaving your Summit, you probably picked up knowledge that you did not have coming into it. Now, it is your job to take that technique of integrating new information into the school year! Set a goal to learn something new every day, and by the end of the year, see how far you’ve come. Before my Summit, I could barely grasp what I was taught in school. After my Summit, I was able to use what I learned at Ambassador Leaders to create, innovate, and succeed in school. Effort is key.

As you head back into school, be fearless! Make this year about you! Going on an Ambassador Leaders Summit is one of the best experiences anyone could have and taking the lessons you learned there into the school year will keep the memories alive. Release all your worries and stress, and just enjoy the year. Time is precious, after all, and will go by so fast.

I wish you the best of luck. Remember, your Ambassador Leaders friends are always just a text away.

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By Adam Lucas

2017 Ambassador Leaders alum Adam is a sophomore in high school who spends his spare time writing, filmmaking, and performing magic and comedy on stage. Throughout his life, Adam believed in one mottoto “inspire the many and change the more.” He is best known for his published book, The House Beneath the Woods, with more books to come.