#FundFriday: Tutoring

Break in your leadership skills by sharing your expertise.

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You’re almost there! Just a couple short months until your Leadership Summit begins! You’ve worked so hard to fundraise since enrolling and you’re about to experience a life-changing week of personal growth, leadership learning, and community service. Whether you still need to raise the last portion of your tuition, your plane ticket, or just spending money, you can absolutely cross the finish line. Now is the time to buckle down and make it happen.

A great way for you to raise last-minute funds is to offer your tutoring services to your peers. Are you a master mathematician? A spectacular scientist? A ravenous reader? A laudable linguist? Time to use your academic talents to help your peers while earning the rest of the funds you need for your Summit.


The best part about this fundraising idea is that it will cost nothing to get started. All you need to do is spread the word that you’re offering tutoring sessions for a specific subject. An easy way to do this is to make and post flyers around your school, church, community center, and even your parents’ workplaces. Be sure to include your email address or phone number so your peers can reach out and set up a time to meet. Don’t forget to use social media to your advantage as well by making a public post and asking your friends to share it. That way, you’ll reach the widest possible audience.


Congratulations! You’ve got your first clients and you’re ready to tutor. The typical rate to charge for an hour of tutoring can range anywhere from $15-25 depending on the subject and your level of expertise. Talk with your parents and teachers to get an idea of what the best rate would be for you.

Your school’s library, public library, local park, or coffee shop are all great settings for tutoring. Consider factors like access to a whiteboard, size of the work space, noise levels, and likelihood of distractions when determining the meeting spot.

Be sure to prepare for the tutoring session beforehand so your client can get the most out of the hour with you. This website is a fantastic resource for free online lessons, guides, and worksheets on a number of subjects.

Let us know what other ideas you come up with for successful fundraisers. E-mail info@ambassadorleaders.com. You could be featured in your own blog!

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By Emily Hanson

Emily loves helping families find the perfect fundraising idea and hearing how motivated they are to crush their fundraising goals.