#FundFriday: Dessert Dash

Taking cake walk to the next level


Sometimes searching for great fundraising ideas can be a challenge. It's not often that I find ideas that really catch my attention, but I have to say when I came across the concept for a Dessert Dash, I was intrigued!

Not only does it combine some of my favorite things - competition and desserts - but it's also an incredibly effective way to fundraise. Time after time, I hear from alumni students that their food-related fundraisers were the most successful for them. This one is simple to set up and fun to do. 

The article from Fundraiser Insight linked below does a fantastic job of explaining what it's about and how to get started, so check it out and plan your Dessert Dash today! 



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By Emily Hanson

Emily is the Program Coordinator at Ambassador Leaders. When you call or email us, you'll likely speak with Emily. She loves helping families find the perfect program for their student and hearing how confident and motivated they are when they return home.