Alumni Spotlight: Khaliah B.

How one alum took her Summit to the next level


A note from Ambassador Leaders: Khaliah is one incredible young leader! She took what she learned during her Summit at Harvard and put it into action in her hometown of Philadelphia, PA by coordinating a school supply drive. This is her story:

At KhaliahCares, we are working toward being an agent of change. No matter how small, we believe that every act of kindness goes a long way.

I wanted to focus more on the children and families that are less fortunate. To let them know someone is thinking about them - that they are loved.

I have been so blessed and so fortunate, I just knew I wanted to impact someone else, so with the help of my mom, we started right in our neighborhood with a school supply drive. We intend to keep going, keep growing, and keep making a difference.

Ambassador Leaders helped push this dream forward for me because it taught me leadership. It taught me how to work with others and it really highlighted how fortunate I am. The opportunity to be present, meet new people with different backgrounds, and experience new cultures was absolutely amazing. We all came together as one, no matter our race, sex, size, or religion. We came together, we worked together, and we got the job done. That's the kind of togetherness I'm striving for with my organization. A sense of togetherness among us all - and it begins with me.


By Khaliah Baird

Khaliah is an alum of the 2017 Ambassador Leadership Summit at Harvard University. Follow her organization on Instagram @KhaliahCares.