Before You Enroll: Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in the Leadership Summit and have questions? We have the answers!

Ambassador Student Leader at JFK

This is one of the most exciting times for our team as we get to meet and talk to families whose child has recently been nominated by their teacher for the Leadership Summit - an experience that will, without a doubt, be one of the most memorable and impactful experiences of their life.

But it's also a big step for the family, financially and emotionally. We get it. To help, I want to address some of the questions that we often hear from parents and students who are new to the program.

What will my child get out of it?

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We put a lot of thought to design our programs in a way that helps students develop their leadership skills and prepare them for college and future careers, while giving them a real appreciation for the diversity and importance of giving back. But most importantly, this experience builds confidence like no other program can, and opens their eyes to their true potential. If your child is shy, it will help them come out of their shell. If they are already a confident leader, they will come away inspired to reach even higher goals, and knowing how they can lead by bringing the best out in others.


Can i talk to other parents or teachers?

Yes! We encourage you to talk to our alumni parents and our teachers to hear first-hand what the experience is like. There is nothing like hearing from another parent how nervous they were at first to let their baby go on their own for the first time, and how impressed they were at the transformation they saw when they returned. Contact us to connect with an alumni family or teacher in your area, and read reviews on our Facebook page.

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What does the program tuition cover?

Our all-inclusive tuition covers all program expenses, accommodations, 3 meals daily, all program activities, entry fees and curriculum, as well as 24x7 supervision. The only thing that's not included is your travel to the program location.


Do we have to pay full tuition when we enroll?

Not at all! A deposit of $300 is all that’s due at the time of enrollment and you can select from
several flexible payment plans. Making smaller payments as you go is much easier than paying the whole tuition at once!


Do you provide scholarships?

Yes, once enrolled, students can apply for competitive need- and merit-based scholarships.
Scholarship applications for 2017 Summits will be open by November 1, 2016. Follow this blog, or join us on Facebook for fundraising ideas and announcements of new scholarships and contests to help with your fundraising efforts.


My child wasn't nominated, can they attend? 

Of course! You do not have to be nominated by a teacher in order to attend the Summit. There are many mentors in a child's life who can recognize their leadership potential and want to help them succeed - most importantly, you, parents! As part of the acceptance process, your child will be asked to provide letters of recommendation to ensure they are ready and able to contribute positively.


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Can my child travel to the program alone? 

Many of our students travel independently, including many from other countries! For students flying on their own we provide airport pick-up service for a small additional fee. Our program staff will pick the student up from the designated airport on arrival and provide supervised transfer to the airport on departure day. Contact us for details and help with your travel plans.


What if we have to cancel?

We know that sending your child to the Summit is a big investment. We also know that life happens, and that’s why we offer a flexible cancellation policy. For extra peace of mind, we offer an optional Travel Protection Plan with Cancel for Any Reason benefit. For more information visit



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By Kathy Mellstrom

Kathy is the Program Director and Co-Founder of Ambassador Leaders and has been involved with the program for over 10 years. As a mom of three children, she is personally invested in helping students realize their true potential.