Lead2Feed Lesson 6: The Change is Never Over!

Leaders make waves, and it’s time to dive in!

Welcome back! This is the last part of a 6-Lesson series that Ambassador Leaders take part in as they work on their Community Action Plans during the Summit. By taking part in the Lead2Feed project challenge, Ambassador Leaders build leadership, teamwork and collaborative service skills while addressing critical needs in their communities.

In the last part, Lesson 5, we learned how to create benchmarks to measure progress of your project, overcome barriers, and create great results.

In the last lesson, you'll reflect on your project and realize that THE CHANGE IS NEVER OVER.

Through this lesson, you will:

  1. Review your project individually and as a team.

  2. Celebrate finishing the program and working together as a team.

  3. Reflect on your original three BIG questions and continue to pursue personal growth.

Becoming a leader can be a difficult but rewarding journey. Real success and growth comes from recognizing that there is always more to know and more to do, and that a leader can never let up. The change is never over, and that applies equally to building a project and growing yourself as a person.

David Novak asks us, "Do you want to go through life by putting your toe in the water, or do you want to jump in and be a ripple-maker?"

Whether you are attacking world hunger or building yourself as a leader—go after it with passion and confidence that you can make a real difference in the world.

We've enjoyed sharing a sneak peek into each lesson to show you how this program changes teens and gives them a roadmap for effective service and personal growth.

You can see all lessons here.

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By Linda Spahr

Linda is the Program Manager for the Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program, a program of the Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning, and the fastest growing, free leadership program for students in grades 6-12. Fully aligned with standards and 21st Century Skills, Lead2Feed provides opportunities for high levels of student engagement through collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, reflection and creativity. Ambassador Leaders participate in the Lead2Feed Project Challenge to impact their communities.