Lead2Feed: Turning Inspiration to Action

Ambassador Leaders join the Lead2Feed movement and get Empowered to Lead. Inspired to Serve. 

Sometimes when I need inspiration during a busy week, I will watch one of the final presentations from the Ambassador Leadership Summit 2016. I find myself inspired, engaged and ready to take on the world and effect real change! How about you?

Summer 2016 was the first chance for Summit attendees to work through the Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program 6-lesson course. From “Be Your Best Self” leadership skills to “The Change is Never Over” project skills, students worked in teams to choose a need in the world and craft a service project to address that need.

The diverse interpretations of ‘need’ and how to build resources and teams to ‘feed the need’ brought attention to the unique background of Summit students. What an amazing way to learn about others, while finding commonalities to come together and be the change you want to see in the world!

Now we are all back in school and our home communities, tending to the daily challenges of life—school, family, and service to others. If you are a Summit alum, how are you bringing the Lead2Feed lessons to your school and community? Future Ambassador Leaders - start thinking now how you can “feed the need” in your community! And Summit teacher leaders - have you engaged your educator peers to join you in the lessons and a project?

Ambassador Leaders and Lead2Feed

We invite you—teachers and students—to register on Lead2Feed.org/join and get access to a wealth of resources and tools that will empower you to act, serve and make big things happen.

As an added benefit, you’ll get the opportunity to submit your project to the Lead2Feed Project Challenge and win up to $20,000 for your charity and a $10,000 tech bundle for your school. Now that is a real difference—learning turned into action!


Are you considering attending Ambassador Leadership Summit in 2017? The Lead2Feed program will be a part of your experience and you will never look at yourself, others or your community in the same way. Leading up to it we will be sharing the 6 Lead2Feed Lessons here on this blog, so stay tuned for more!

We invite you to join those who are Empowered to Lead. Inspired to Serve. Find out more at Lead2Feed.org.

By Linda Spahr

Linda is the Program Manager for the Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program, a program of the Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning, and the fastest growing, free leadership program for students in grades 6-12. Fully aligned with standards and 21st Century Skills, Lead2Feed provides opportunities for high levels of student engagement through collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, reflection and creativity. Ambassador Leaders participate in the Lead2Feed Project Challenge to impact their communities.