#FundFriday: Super Bowl Party

Here’s how you can plan a super Super Bowl Sunday for your friends and family.


If you’ve been following our #FundFriday posts for a while, you’ll see some familiar fundraising ideas discussed here again. That’s because this week’s installment is all about combining several effective fundraising methods into one awesome Super Bowl party! Hosting this party will require quite a bit of prep work and time, so make sure to get started right away to be ready for the February 3rd game.


For this fundraiser, many of your donations can be solicited in your initial invitations, in addition to at the event itself. We recommend sending out custom e-cards to friends and family you’d like to invite to your party which include a link to a GoFundMe page for donations. Check out our previous posts for more details on how to create your custom e-cards and GoFundMe page.

Remember that not everyone who is invited will be able to attend the party, so don’t limit your list! Ask folks who are invited to donate to your GoFundMe page in lieu of a cover charge or entry fee, and encourage them to consider donating even if they won’t be able to attend.

Embrace the theme of the Super Bowl by listing various donations amounts with clever names on your donation page. Here are some examples:

$15 - Coin Toss

$25 - Field Goal

$50 - Half Time

$75 - Touchdown!

$100 - MVP


Now that you have your invitations sent and donations are rolling in, it’s time to start prepping for game day. Think about how you can set your party apart from everyone else’s. Food and drinks will play a huge part in making your party one that people won’t want to miss, so make sure to keep in mind the up-front costs associated with buying and preparing appetizers and drinks for your guests. Check out these recommended dishes from the Food Network if you need some ideas! Nachos, meatballs, wings, chips & dips, brownies, cupcakes, and cookies are some Super Bowl party classics.

One way to gather donations during the game is to create a Super Bowl Squares game board. If you haven’t every played Super Bowl Squares, this website gives you a great step-by-step guide of how to set up the board and facilitate the game. We recommend you have a set price for each square (at my family’s Super Bowl party, each square was $10), and run it like a 50/50 raffle. With 100 squares at $10 each, you will have a $500 pool for your guests to win and $500 for your Summit tuition. That’s what we call a win-win!

Arguably, one of the best parts of the Super Bowl (aside from the actual game, of course) is watching the commercials. It’s also where you have the chance to get really creative. Share your upcoming Leadership Summit with your guests by debuting your own Super Bowl commercial during the party! What are you looking forward to the most during your Summit? Which campus will you attend? What skills will you be learning? How will this impact your future? Share in your own words why this Summit and your guests’ generous donations are so important to you.

We definitely want to see your creative Super Bowl commercials and photos from your parties! Let us know how it goes!

Are you a superstar fundraiser? Let us know your ideas and you could be featured on our blog! Just email info@ambassadorleaders.com.

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By Emily Hanson

Emily loves helping families find the perfect fundraising idea and hearing how motivated they are to crush their fundraising goals.