#TravelTipTuesday: Travel Insurance

Trip insurance helps you prepare for the unexpected.


Our #TravelTipTuesday blog series is all about helping families get ready for Summit travel. Each week, we’ll cover a different travel topic, and we’re kicking off our series with information about travel insurance.

Ask any avid traveler and she’ll tell you one of the few constants in trip planning is to expect the unexpected. Life happens! We want our families to be prepared for any possibility. That’s why we offer a Travel Protection Plan through our partner Trip Assure.


Travel insurance is a plan you purchase in advance of a trip to protect you from unforeseen financial loss that may take place during your travels. These losses can be minor (like a lost suitcase) or major (like a last-minute trip cancellation). We know that you’ve worked hard to fundraise for the Summit and want you to protect that investment!

Trip Assure’s insurance plan covers many unexpected travel snafus, so be sure to read through their brochure for more information. Here are some common reasons our families have used their trip insurance in the past.



In the unfortunate circumstance you have to cancel your Summit participation, this benefit allows you to recuperate up to 75% of the non-refundable prepaid payments you made toward the Summit. To exercise this benefit, you must cancel at least two or more days prior to your scheduled departure date.


If a student’s baggage is delayed by 12 or more hours, this plan can help your family get reimbursement for the purchase of clothing and toiletries to replace the delayed items.


This benefit helps families get reimbursement in the event that a flight is delayed for 6 or more hours due to a covered reason. This can include expenses like meals or transportation.

If you have additional coverage-related questions, we encourage you to call Trip Assure directly. As the distributor of the plan, they’re in the best position to give you the information you need to make an informed choice.

If, however, you’re ready to add the Travel Protection Plan to your student’s account, please email or fax (888-501-3455) this form directly to our program office. The cost of the plan is $227 (due upon opting-in), and the deadline to add it is April 15. Be sure to sign up before then!

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By Corie Bales

Corie is the Academic Affairs Manager of Ambassador Leaders. As a lifelong educator and avid traveler, she believes in empowering students and teachers to learn and lead through experiential education.