Reach your potential as a leader

Get a glimpse of what awaits you at this Summit.

Discover your power to improve your community and take your leadership to new heights as you experience Yale campus—the third oldest institution of higher education in the US, and the world’s top-ranking university. Then, take in the thrilling New York City with new lifelong friends.

2019 Leadership in Action Summit

Held at yale university

GRADES 7-12* | 7 DAYS | $2,995

july 20 - 26, 2019

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*Students must be 13 years old at the time of travel.

Ambassador Leaders is operated independently of Yale University and is not sponsored or endorsed by the University. The views expressed in connection with the program are not the official positions, statements of advice nor opinions of Yale University and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Yale of any such views or statements.

I got to learn from people from all around the world. It changed my life forever.
— Julia C., Ambassador Leader, New Jersey

Program Highlights


find what drives you

Ask deep questions, set Big Goals, learn the value of diversity and explore exciting opportunities in your future – all with the help from inspiring leaders and activities that will stretch and motivate you.

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push your limits

Expand your comfort zone and find new friends for life through team building activities and personal challenges. Learn how to overcome personal limitations, develop your individual brand and reach new heights during an interactive leadership workshop Foundations for Success.

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be the change

Support the local community with a hands-on service project with United Way, and team up with your peers to build a Community Action Plan to address a critical need in communities around the world, then lead the change in your community. You’ll earn 20 service-learning hours and gain the skills to take on any goal.

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Sample Program Itinerary


DAY 1: Welcome, Ambassador Leaders! 

Arrive and check in at Yale University. Join other students for ice-breakers and student orientation, while the family attends a briefparent orientation.

Enjoy the welcome dinner and Opening Address, and meet your teacher leaders and staff who will guide you through the program.

Meet with your team and get to know your teammates as you kick off this exciting week together.


DAY 2: Challenge yourself

Discover the key steps to constructing an effective Community Action Plan, and learn about the Lead2Feed project your team will develop during the Summit.

Expand your comfort zone during a hands-on team-building experience at Pine Lake Challenge Course. Push your limits and get to know your team as you solve problems and overcome obstacles together.

Get inspired to make your own path by a motivational guest speaker.

Begin working on your team project and examine the personal strengths and talents that you bring to the team.


DAY 3: Act with passion and give back

Support the local community in New Haven, CT, through a hands-on service project with United Way. Learn how you can make your community action plan go further.

Explore Yale campus and take in its unique history and traditions during an educational and entertaining tour led by Yale students. 

Take part in Yale college life panel discussion to hear what college life is really like, and how you can stand out for college admissions.

Working with your team, create your team identity, research community needs and decide on your Big Goal.


DAY 4: Set your path

Learn how to overcome limitations, develop your personal purpose, and achieve success during an interactive workshop Foundations for Success with Sunjay Nath, an acclaimed author and human performance expert.

During the Global Youth Panel you will learn about CQ – Cultural Intelligence, and examine how you can be more effective in cross-cultural settings—a must-have skill for today’s workforce and global community.

Visit the Yale University Art Gallery and marvel at its encyclopedic collection of art from antiquity to modern day.

In your team meeting, you’ll develop a vision and action plan for your project, and identify the people you will need to take with you to achieve your Big Goal.


DAY 5: New York City! 

Travel via a private motor coach to New York City for a thrilling day in the city. Explore the intrigue of Lower Manhattan and Wall Street during a guided tour.

Pay tribute at the 9/11 Memorial. Enjoy the famed Central Park and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of bustling Times Square.

Back on campus, you’ll learn how to share your vision in a confident and compelling way and how to overcome barriers to success.


DAY 6: Make a difference

It's your time to shine! As a team, present your Community Action Plan and get feedback. We challenge you to take the new skills with you and make a difference in your home community.

Celebrate your accomplishments, show your style and enjoy the breathtaking views of Long Island Sound during a special celebration with your friends - these bonds will last a lifetime!

Reflect on your project and your summit experience with your team during your team meeting and the closing address.


DAY 7: Go do great things! 

In the morning, bid farewell to your friends and teacher leaders. Keep up your commitment to be the best leader you can be. We are counting on you to do great things.


This is a sample itinerary of what students may experience on program. Events, speakers and site visits are subject to confirmation and change. Enrolled students will receive a final itinerary 30 days prior to the program.

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