Teachers Make All the Difference

Our mission is simple: inspire the next generation of global leaders. We believe that success in the 21st century demands innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, and global competence, and that the best way for students to build these skills is through experiential learning.

Together with outstanding educators, Ambassador Leaders creates an immersive environment where students can grow. In fact, experienced teacher leaders tell us that the chance to guide bright students and network with exceptional educators brings them back each year. The people make all the difference.

Our Values



Our teachers are true leaders in their classrooms and in their schools. That’s one of the main qualities we seek. They’re passionate about Ambassador Leaders’ mission. They’re committed, caring, and encouraging. Our teachers lead by example.



Our teachers understand the importance of fostering open-mindedness and respectful dialogue among students, and they model inclusiveness in their own interactions with students, staff, and fellow teacher leaders.



We embody this value in two ways. First, we are dedicated to giving every student a life-changing experience. To do this, our teachers act as service leaders, communicating with students and understanding their individual needs. Second, our leaders empower students to lead through service of their own.



We believe that nobody succeeds alone. Our teacher leaders work with one another, with the students in their groups, and with Ambassador Leaders’ staff to make each summit a success. This means sharing pedagogical best practices, positively responding to feedback and incorporating new ideas into their work.


Global mindset

As an organization, we’re proud our summits have hosted students from more than 140 countries and have provided opportunities for rich cultural exchange. Our teacher leaders strive to raise students’ cultural intelligence (CQ) by promoting thoughtful interactions among each summit’s multicultural student population.

Transformative Curriculum

Ambassador Leaders’ curriculum in conjunction with Summit activities is designed to inform, educate, and challenge students to become more confident, effective leaders. We maximize students’ learning with a combination of facilitator-led workshops, motivational speakers, hands-on experiences, and small group discussions. Each summit culminates in a capstone project that student teams present to their peers.

Service is an essential facet of our leadership philosophy. To encourage students to lead through service, Ambassador Leaders partners with United Way Worldwide to incorporate a community service project at each of the Summits that provides service efforts most-needed in the host communities.

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Students attending our Leadership in Action Summits also complete a service-learning leadership curriculum through our partner organization Lead4Change. Based on the best-selling book Taking People With You by Yum! Brands’ Co-Founder, Former Chairman and CEO David Novak, this curriculum helps students put their leadership skills into action through project management, decision-making and teamwork, while developing projects to address critical community needs. After the summit, students and teacher leaders are encouraged to continue their projects at home and take part in a nation-wide annual Lead4Change Project Challenge for a chance to win grants for their schools or partner non-profits.

Students attending our Medicine and Health Care Summits at Johns Hopkins University complete proprietary hands-on curriculum exploring the core premise of medical care, including its ethical, social, philosophical, and scientific applications. Students work with experts in the field, explore healthcare career options, visit medical research facilities and complete hands-on workshops. They collaborate in their small groups to complete patient case studies, practicing skills like patient interviewing, diagnosis, communication, and treatment. The patient case studies require students to research, role play, and present authentic case findings.

Your Role as a Teacher Leader


Leadership Summits are exciting, energizing, and motivating. As a teacher leader, you will be leading an outstanding group of students and have two important responsibilities:

  1. You inspire new perspectives, open students’ minds to their true potential and do what you do best—teach!

  2. You look out for students’ safety, enabling them to grow and make new connections while they’re away from their families.

Each teacher leader is responsible for a group of 10-12 students, ensuring their day-to-day safety and well-being, modeling leadership and delivering the curriculum under the direction of a site staff member.

While many of the activities are led by program staff or other facilitators, your role as a teacher leader is to help students reflect on these experiences and reinforce the personal growth that emerges from them. You also play a key role in facilitating a team project that your group presents at the end of the summit.

Like other roles in education, being a teacher leader is both demanding and incredibly rewarding. If watching students gain confidence and step-up into leadership inspires you, this experience will be as meaningful for you as it is for the students.

Teacher to Teacher

Hear firsthand from our teacher leaders what the experience is like and what brings them back year after year.

Teacher Leader Josh C., Tennessee

Mr. Josh, a teacher leader, nominator, and alumni parent, speaks about the transformative power of educational travel for both teachers and students.

Teacher Leader Angela P., MAryland

Ms. Angela, who’s been a teacher leader for more than a decade, takes joy in watching the journey of self-discovery students experience throughout the Summit.

Teacher Leader Abby L., Illinois

Ms. Abby, who recently became a teacher leader, talks about what inspires our educators to help students reach their full leadership potential.

Teacher Leader Shawn M., mICHIGAN

Mr. Shawn, one of our dedicated leaders, shares how helping diverse students collectively problem-solve to reach a common goal cultivates future leaders.


Inspire Future Leaders

If you are excited about this opportunity, we invite you to submit an application to serve as a teacher leader. Begin your leadership journey with Ambassador Leaders!

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Medicine and Health care Summits

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Leadership in action Summits

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