#FundFriday: Sponsorships

Need to boost your fundraising efforts? Often all you need to do is ask!

Last week, we shared how to send personalized e-cards to ask for donations. This week, we are giving you another tool to help raise funds for your Summit.

As the holidays approach, this is a great time to ask for donations toward your Summit. You can let your family members and friends know they can save a trip to the store and contribute to your Summit as your present this year.

This is also a perfect time to approach local businesses and organizations to see if they would be willing to contribute. To help break the ice, we have a Sponsor Flyer that you can print and hand out. It provides the potential donor with information about the program, how you will benefit from your Summit experience, and includes instructions for how they can make donations.

Last year, we had two brothers who attended the Summit and were able to get almost $1,000 in sponsorships over the course of just a couple of weeks! Anyone is able to send a donation in your name, or call the Program Office and make a payment over the phone, so asking for sponsorships is a fantastic way to help you reach your goal.


Are you a superstar fundraiser? Let us know your ideas and you could be featured on our blog! Just email info@ambassadorleaders.com.

By Emily Hanson

Emily is the Program Coordinator at Ambassador Leaders. When you call or email us, you'll likely speak with Emily. She loves helping families find the perfect program for their student and hearing how confident and motivated they return home.