Lead2Feed: Where Leadership and Service Intersect

Ambassador Leaders joins forces with Lead2Feed to help our communities and inspire lifelong service leadership

Greetings Ambassador Leaders family,

As you know, service is a key aspect and commitment of Ambassador Leaders. Every Leadership Summit incorporates a community service project, and service is an essential facet of our leadership philosophy.

Today I am honored to introduce our partner in mission, Lead2Feed® Student Leadership Program. Based on the best-selling book Taking People With You by Yum! Brands Co-Founder, Former Chairman and CEO David Novak, Lead2Feed program nurtures a new generation of leaders—while working to meet critical community needs through project management, decision-making and teamwork.

During the Leadership Summit and months that follow, our Ambassador Leaders take part in the Lead2Feed Project Challenge to impact their communities. It all starts at the Leadership Summit, where our students go through a 6-Lesson roadmap that guides them through the process of identifying a Big Goal that can make a difference in their community, and developing an actionable plan to reach their Big Goal.

Ambassador Leaders volunteer

I am always amazed and inspired to see the depth and diversity of the projects that our students develop in the short amount of time, and how passionately they feel about their causesfrom hunger, to emotional and mental health in children, the needs of our veterans, environmental issues, and so much more. I am also moved to see how quickly they come together to tackle these big issueshaving come from so many diverse countries, cultures and backgrounds. They truly see this world as their common home, and rather than being held back by differences, they learn to bring their unique strengths to creatively solve the issues their generation will face.

In the process, students gain much more. They learn how to be self-aware, how to recognize and develop their talents, and how they can contribute and lead in a team—the skills they can take with them for the rest of their life.

So why wait for the Summit to do some good?

To get you thinking about how you can "feed the need" in your community and grow as a leader in the process, in the coming weeks we will be sharing the Lead2Feed Lessons here on this blog. It's my hope that these lessons will inspire you to take this program to your home community, and discover what kind of leader you can become—by being your authentic self and by “taking people with you” to do great things.

Stay tuned for more and get ready to step up as leaders!

Learn more at Lead2Feed.org.

By Natasha Porter

Natasha is the Founder and CEO of Ambassador Leaders. As an educator and business leader, her life’s passions are international education and helping young people and teams reach their best potential.