#FundFriday: Pancake Feast

Good food, good friends, and a great way to raise money.

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We’ve talked earlier about the important role food can have in your fundraisers, and this week’s idea can help you reach your goal even faster. Hosting a pancake breakfast is a fun and simple way to raise money for your upcoming Leadership Summit.


The first step in hosting a pancake breakfast is to tell people about it. Post on social media, have your parents invite their coworkers, invite your neighbors, and reach out to friends and family. Make it an event!

TIP: Is there a celebration or community event at your parents' work or in your neighborhood where you can set up a pancake station? It only takes a minute to make a serving of pancakes, so a bigger event will allow you to serve lots of people. All you need is an electric grill or two - somebody in your extended family is sure to let you borrow it.



Ambassador Leaders Blog_pancake fundraiser

Prepare a list of ingredients and supplies and use some of the money you raised earlier to buy what you need. The easiest way to make pancakes is to purchase ready-made pancake mix. It will save you time and is still delicious. If you are doing it anywhere other than your home, be sure to check on things like a cooking table, grill, kitchen utensils, extension cords, etc. Your parents or older siblings can help you with your list if you haven't done something like this before. 

TIP: Prepare a variety of syrups and toppings like fruit, berries, chocolate chips and sprinkles and make a fun pancake bar. People love getting creative with their pancakes!



The funds can come in two different ways. You can either charge for attendance or per serving (we recommend $10 per person), or you can ask for donations of any amount after everyone eats their meal. The most effective fundraisers are those that use both methods. If you collect a fee for attendance, you can still give people an opportunity to donate more at the end once they hear more about your goals.



The best part: eat and enjoy each others company! It’s a great idea to ask your family members to help with the cooking but make sure you step up and serve your guests. Help refill any coffee, water, or juice that you’re serving and be available for your guests to answer questions about your Summit. Remember, it's your fundraiser, so be sure to put in the work.

TIP: Be prepared to tell people what their donations will support. How do you hope to be impacted by what you learn at the Summit? What do you hope to accomplish? Have copies of your sponsor flyer on hand to hand out not only is it a chance for people to learn more about your program but also gives them a way to contribute more in the future.


Are you a superstar fundraiser? Let me know your ideas and you could be featured on our blog! Email me at info@ambassadorleaders.com – I’m excited to hear what you’re up to!

By Emily Hanson

Emily is the Program Coordinator at Ambassador Leaders. When you call or email us, you'll likely speak with Emily. She loves helping families find the perfect program for their student and hearing how confident and motivated they return home